Paul Iacullo, P.E.

Engineering Manager

Value Delivered

Paul Iacullo is responsible for design and project management activities for various facilities, HVAC, and mechanical projects. Paul manages or executes all phases of design-build projects as required to provide a complete and functioning product for the client. This includes conceptual design, final design, project management and commissioning.

HVAC & Mechanical Systems Design/Build & Installation Expertise

For more than 15 years, Paul has been extensively involved in the design and installation of HVAC and process systems serving pharmaceutical, food and chemical manufacturing and research. He has designed a mechanical system to decentralize chilled water and steam at the Purdue Ardsley Campus, a new laboratory HVAC system for Glatt Air Techniques and a new mechanical system for a laboratory animal research facility and clean room spaces for the production of the drug Rocephin for Hoffman-LaRoche. In addition, he designed a low humidity cooling tunnel as part of a bakery production line, for a well known food company in New Jersey.

Prior to joining EMCOR Services in 1989, Paul was employed by a design firm specializing in commercial HVAC systems. In both this endeavor and at Trimech, Paul's entire career has been in the mechanical design and construction fields.

Paul received a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from Widener University. He has successfully passed the Professional Engineering Exam in the mechanical discipline and is licensed to practice in the state of New Jersey.

Certified in the Johnson Controls DX 9100 and UNT product lines, Paul is especially expert in direct digital control (DDC) system applications. He has also received formal training in clean room design and HVAC system fundamentals.