Total Facilities Commissioning Services

At times, facilities and HVAC systems that are well designed and well built do not function at optimal levels. This can often last for years, all the while causing occupant discomfort, high-energy costs, and reduced equipment life. The good news is that this can be avoided by proper facilities commissioning.

What is Commissioning?

Commissioning is an engineered approach to the documentation and adjustment of facility-related systems. While commissioning is commonly applied to new facilities, it also should be performed on existing facilities not operating at optimal levels.

The EMCOR Services NY/NJ's Commissioning Solution

We believe the building commissioning process must be thorough and analytical, yet practical. We achieve this by combining the efforts of a select group of experienced, qualified commissioning engineers and technicians to plan and perform our commissioning projects.

Every commissioning project will include at least one engineer and at least one technician, all with careers focused on commissioning activities. Several members of our staff are certified by the National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB).

Every commissioning assignment begins with the preparation of a written commissioning plan/protocol. This serves as a road map for the execution phase of the assignment.

For new projects, the facilities commissioning plan is prepared during the design phase of the project. This allows for adjustments to the design (if necessary) to make the project more "commissionable.” More importantly, it elevates the importance of commissioning in the minds of the entire project team, causing it to be viewed as integral to the success of the project.

EMCOR Services NY/NJ's commissioning solution is designed to provide you with an assurance that your facility-related systems are operating at their optimal levels.

We believe that our over 35 combined years of design and construction experience coupled with our passion to integrate engineering and service-related disciplines ensures that the EMCOR Services NY/NJ solution is the answer for your facility.

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