Engineering Services

Proper engineering has always been a necessary step to ensure that facility systems meet expectations. Depending upon your responsibilities, these expectations will range from proper occupant comfort to reliable manufacturing processes.

What Is Engineering?

We define engineering as the logical and scientific thought process required to determine an appropriate solution to your facility requirements. We believe the goal of an engineering assignment is to clearly deliver an end result.

Design/Build & Construction Observation Solution

Our facilities engineering solution always begins with conceptual design services. This phase is the most critical as it clarifies the project's requirements (including your goals) and then determines the most practical solution.

While our conceptual services are often applied to make existing commercial HVAC, mechanical, and facility systems function properly and more efficiently, we provide value in new facility or systems planning through the development of a basis of design document and construction budgeting.

When required, we offer turnkey preparation of engineering documents and construction specifications to concisely describe the practical solution. To ensure this, we strive to review each project with our operational team before providing them to you.

Take Advantage of Our Experience and Design Innovation

Through EMCOR Services New York/New Jersey's construction observation services, we can use our 35 years of practical mechanical and construction engineering project experience to ensure that the designed system is being installed per the original design intent.

Whether you hire EMCOR Services New York/New Jersey on a design/build basis, or you hire another firm to construct our design, our construction observation services reduce your burden during the construction phase.

We firmly believe in the implementation of practical mechanical and construction engineering solutions. This means our solution will account for the technical requirements of the project while keeping in mind your up-front costs, operating costs, and projected facilities maintenance costs. Our extensive construction engineering, facilities commissioning, and service experience ensures your solution will last.

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