Hotel Solutions

We are one of the regions leading commercial construction companies offering commercial construction services.

Improve guest room comfort and lower energy consumption without the cost or downtime of a major HVAC renovation.

We are one of the region’s leading commercial construction companies offering commercial construction services. Our innovative fan coil design and replacement process is so fast that your guest rooms can be available in as little as a few hours.

EMCOR Services NY/NJ has partnered with an environmental services firm that designed a fan coil unit specifically for faster, minimally invasive hotel replacement projects. Our modular fan coil solution provides the following benefits:

  • Replaces most existing high-rise fan coils with the latest in energy saving technology and IAQ features
  • No need to close down an entire floor
  • Uses existing materials, minimizing waste
  • Minimizes disturbances to surrounding wall and finishes
  • Minimizes number of tradespeople to be involved in renovation
  • Increases accessibility of rooms, since the renovation time is so fast

Our hotel fan coil replacements were designed for a high-rise unit to be isolated and replaced without affecting units in neighboring rooms. This model installs within an existing high-rise unit that has had the internal components removed. The replacement wall panel covers the rough opening and eliminates the need for finish work. Renovations are often done in a few hours, so room downtime can be limited to one day or less.

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