Steam Power Solutions

Convert Wasted Steam Energy Into Electric Power

EMCOR Services NY/NJ is seeking interested/qualified Con Edison Steam customers to participate in a Steam Power Challenge in New York City. The back pressure turbine technology currently operates in the New York Metro area with a similar but larger scale turbine power system.

This program centers on beta testing for nominal 80 kW output steam turbine power system(s) intended to harness the sustainable electric power available from the steam pressure reduction already occurring in Con Edison Steam customer buildings on a daily basis, to decrease the demand on the electric grid system. It will reduce costs and energy consumption.

System Overview

The turbine power system operates in parallel with the building's steam pressure reduction valves (PRV's), and the building's electric grid, reducing power consumption.

  • The intended design capacity is about 4000 lbs. of steam per hour for full load power output.
  • The standard Con Edison system steam inlet pressure to the system is approximately 150 to 125 psig.
  • The outlet pressure is typically approximately 15 psig.
  • The system is intended to develop 75-80 kW and connect to the electric grid.
  • The system can be capable of grid-independent operation at additional cost.

System Overview Diagram

Sustainable Steam System Design

Sustainable Steam System Design

The operating principle is simple: energy otherwise dissipated by reducing the steam pressure in a valve is converted to power by the turbine power system. The power package is piped in parallel to an existing PRV. When started, the turbine automatically takes over the steam flow control from the PRV. When the turbine is shut down the PRV automatically resumes steam operation. The power generated from the turbine power system is connected directly to the building's power panel with utility-approved protective relays, reducing the purchased electricity and overall demand on the grid.

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